Oshiklenz is Australia's Leading Supplier of cotton Oshibori hot towels, single use pre-moistened disposable cotton towels, Washi Oshibori, HACCP approved HySOFLEX wet wipe towelettes, Japanese hot towel Warmers, Oshibori trays and accessories.

We can offer your business a convenient hygienic and first class solution with our complete range of single use 100% bio-degradable cotton Oshibori hot towels, Japanese Washi Oshibori and even dry airline towels. Your clients will appreciate our products and they let your clients know how important hygiene is to you within your business. 

Based on the time honoured Japanese tradition of Oshibori (おしぼり), Oshiklenz Cotton Hot Towels are pre-moistened, individually wrapped and can be lightly infused with crisp, clean fragrances for added freshness. They are perfect for freshening up before or after a meal, after a dentist's appointment, or after sports or outdoor activities. They make wiping grubby hands and faces a breeze and are perfect for removing beauty products or simply as a refreshing 'pick me up' during your busy day.

Our cotton towels can be used (Hot or Cold) in an endless number of situations including: Restaurants, Catering, Dentists, Beauticians, Day Spa's, Gyms, Airlines, Medical, Hotels, Boardrooms, Camping, Sporting & more!

Give you customers a unique experience that they will remember your business by!

Contact us to receive a free sample and find out how to value-add this unique experience for your customers.
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