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  • How long do clients or patients have to wait once they are ready for a hot towel?
  • What are the towels made out of?
  • How much maintenance does the system require?
  • Are the towels individually wrapped to minimize sanitation risk?
  • How much space do you need to have available for your hot towel system?
  • How long will the towels hold their heat?
  • Is the system expensive?
  • Are your disposable towels scented?
  • How are your disposable towels different than other disposables on the market?
  • How long do towels take to warm?
  • Can I warm your disposable towels in the microwave?
  • Can I leave towels in the warmer overnight?
  • Will your disposable towels dry out?
  • Will your disposable towels dry out?
  • How many towels will your warmers hold?
  • What kind of maintenance do your towel warmers require?
  • What is the minimum order to private label your products?
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