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We're committed to providing the very best quality products and service to our customers. We welcome feedback and would be very pleased to hear from you . Here are a few examples of what other Oshiklenz customers have say:

Attention: Oshiklenz,

We are using the Oshiklenz Towelettes and towel warmers for the past 2 years in our

Platform 1 Restaurant and for our Events Centre.

It is a great product which is more convenient than the old lemon finger bowls.

It is clean to handle and keeps the tablecloth clean and our customers love the product.

I would recommend it to any establishment.

Bankstown Sports Club



Dear Oshiklenz,

We just wanted to thank you for your products. Russo's Pizzeria have been offering

our guests your cotton towelettes when serving them pizza's and seafood platters.

The response has been very positive with our guests appreciating this small token.

We are no longer using lemon finger bowls which has increased the space on the

tables. A winner around!

Russo's Pizzeria



Hi there Paul,

I just wanted to let you know that the towels went off a treat on the weekend at the

wedding. We used them cold and handed them out after the dancing when everyone

appreciate a cold refreshment.


Tina Jones



Oshiklenz we received our order yesterday and we were shocked to see such a

quality towel, we have used some other brand towels previously and they were nothing

like this. WOW!

Sarah Clayton.



What a great idea, we have been using your towels and towel warmer in our dental

practise and the patients are constantly surprised when we hand them a towel at the

end of their visit. We would highly recommend them to any dentist.

Dr George.



What a difference your products have made to our business, we have halved the time we

normally spend on washing and soaking towels. As you know we have been using your

Oshiklenz Warmers and towels in our beauty salon to remove masks, mud's and to be

honest anything that usually stains our towels. We have been offering our clients your

towels with the Jasmine aroma chips before we perform a foot treatment.

Cheers, Julie @ The Salon

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